GeneAka top blogs of IT Innovation: professional edition (Q1 2021)

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Validate, evolve, and control schemas in Amazon MSK and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with AWS Glue Schema Registry
Centrally tracking dashboard lineage, permissions, and more with Amazon QuickSight administrative dashboards
Introducing Amazon EMR integration with Apache Ranger
Micro-frontend Architectures on AWS
New – AWS Transfer Family support for Amazon Elastic File System
8 Challenges of Building Mobile Apps for Smart Devices
Field Notes: Applying Machine Learning to Vegetation Management using Amazon SageMaker
How Is Industrial IoT Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry?
Securing access to EMR clusters using AWS Systems Manager
Azure DDoS Protection—2020 year in review
33 Engineering Challenges of Building Mobile Apps at Scale:
Architect and optimize your internet traffic with Azure routing preference
AWS Marketplace Now Offers Professional Services
BrandPost: 6 Considerations When Adopting a Kubernetes-Based Container Platform for the Enterprise
Building a serverless data quality and analysis framework with Deequ and AWS Glue
Building high-quality benchmark tests for Amazon Redshift using Apache JMeter
Challenges with Big Data Analytics in IoT
Elastic delivers blow to AWS with open source licensing change
Federated API access to Amazon Redshift using an Amazon Redshift connector for Python
Introducing Ruby on Google Cloud Functions
Migrate to regional backend services for Network Load Balancing
Money matters: Automating your Cloud Billing budgets
Monitor data quality in your data lake using PyDeequ and AWS Glue
New in BigQuery BI Engine: faster insights across popular BI tools