4 themes for healthcare CIOs in 2021

2020 was a nightmare of a year for healthcare providers. But it was also a year for information technology to prove its worth to healthcare organizations. As the pandemic struck, healthcare delivery and patient encounters made a rapid right turn to virtual encounters.

Source: 4 themes for healthcare CIOs in 2021

Analytics came to the forefront, enabling organizations to see trends in advance and detect whether COVID-19 patients could be transferred or had demographics, vital signs, or comorbidities that signaled potential problems. Digital records were shared as patients moved to different care venues.

Healthcare IT aside, the months ahead will be challenging, and IT execs will still have much to do to ensure continuity of systems. Still, the pressure will rise to get back on track with strategic initiatives and make up for the lost time. With 2020 serving as a lost year for capital projects, the question for 2021 is which new technology should be bought and rushed into production to catch up.