A Guide to Find the Right IoT Module for Your Project

The emergence of more high-performance and cost-effective wireless communication technologies, as well as complicated technological specifications, give businesses more IoT opportunities and options to transform their products into future-ready devices. IoT modules, small computing components embedded in devices to enable wireless communication between the device and the network, are the most critical component in an IoT solution. But among diverse module solutions and various manufacturers available on the market, how to choose the optimal module product will be the core of a successful IoT deployment.

Data monetization and customer experience optimization using telco data assets: Part 2

In this post, I demonstrate how you can enable data analysts, scientists, and advanced business users to query data from Amazon Redshift or Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) directly. I also demonstrate configuring a simple drag-and-drop interface for self-service analytics so you can prepare and publish insights based on enriched data stored in Amazon Redshift or Amazon S3 through Amazon QuickSight.

4 reasons customers are asking service partners for Azure Lighthouse

This blog post was co-authored by Sonia Cuff, Senior Cloud Advocate Azure With an increasingly complex security landscape and an ever-growing service partner portfolio, how do you stay on top of industry-standard best practices? As your business needs grow, you employ more and more partners to support your infrastructure, network, apps, and employees, but with that support comes a required level of access—how do you keep track of who has access to what and what exactly they’re doing to your resources?

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