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The Inflation Reduction Act: A Green Catalyst

While the Act has been long awaited and is a welcome piece of legislation across energy transition industries, it pays to note that there is still much room to grow if the U.S. wants to decarbonize and spur investments, in both

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Crypto Spring Is Coming

Edelman sees many investors thinking this could push Ethereum past Bitcoin to become the largest crypto by market share. “What some people call a crypto winter could represent a great opportunity for long-

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Invest in Digital Consumers With This ETF

Michelle Evans, senior head of global digital consumer research at market research company Euromonitor International, said “there are a variety of trends driving this megatrend,” including digital

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Nikko unveils metaverse ETF in Hong Kong

The NikkoAM Metaverse Theme Active ETF is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in Hong Kong dollars ( 3091 HK ) and US dollars ( 9091 HK ) and has estimated ongoing charges of 1.25%. Nikko

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What’s The Fuss With I Bonds?

Torsten Asmus When inflation started picking up last year, every blog writer and financial columnist started writing about U.S. Treasury I Bonds. For example, in a recent CNBC article Suze Orman said, “I Bonds are the one investment everyone should have right now.” At the risk of being ostracized by the financial intelligentsia, and persecuted

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