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BlackRock Conquered the World – The Corbett Report

After BlackRock was allowed to bail out its own ETF funds with the Fed’s newly minted going direct funny money, iShares surged yet again, surpassing $3 trillion in assets under management last year.

The Importance Of Diversification When Building A Portfolio

Joining us now to discuss, Jitania Kandhari, Deputy CIO of the Solutions and Multi-Asset Group, Head of Macro and Thematic Research for Emerging Markets Equity, and Portfolio Manager for the Passport Equity strategies at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Greg Bonnell: I know when I talk to

Uranium Maintains Momentum Amid High Demand, Low Supply

Uranium has been one of the top-performing commodities this year as the use of nuclear power starts to gain more acceptance, increasing demand for the metal while supply remains constrained. In effect, this is causing the metal’s market to grow exponentially and will continue to do so, offering

IWD: There Could Be Considerable Downside Risk

IWD invests in value stocks in the Russell 1000 index.A significant portion of its portfolio consists of sectors that are sensitive to the strength of the economy.IWD’s current valuation is towards the high end of its historical average.

Data Strategies To Prepare Portfolios For Volatility

September and October are infamous for major bouts of volatility striking markets.Identifying the possible catalysts for volatility is the first step to staying ahead of it.Our team also spotted unusual activity in the embattled Real Estate sector, but M&A action offers hope amid real estate’s ruins.

CNYA: Optimism By Market Commentators Is Premature

CNYA provides access to locally available equities in China, with a focus on financial and industrial sectors.The ETF has exposure to consumer staples and specific companies such as Kweichow Moutai and a lithium-ion battery manufacturer, which may drive secular resilience.But structural risks, including the housing sector and geopolitical tensions, continue to pose challenges for the…

10%+ Monthly Yields: JEPI Or JEPQ?

High yield ETFs like JEPI and JEPQ are popular among passive income investors for their simplicity and attractive income streams.Moreover, JEPI and JEPQ offer considerable exposure to technology.We compare them side by side and offer our take on which is the better pick for passive income investors.