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Investing with Impact: Becoming a ‘Responsible Steward’

Liesel Pritzker Simmons led a very different life before co-founding Blue Haven Initiative, a single family office dedicated to putting wealth to work for competitive financial returns and positive social and environmental change.

New Tools Measure Green IT, Sustainability Success

As companies attempt to take sustainability to the next level and gain a more complete view of their greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a growing need to quantify results and track progress. “In order to take initiatives to the next

IT Talent Shortage: How to Put AI Scouting Systems to Work

AI can help with upfront resume evaluations because of its ability to rapidly analyze and sift through resumes, identifying the key experiences and job skills you are looking for. HR AI systems can help by identifying those

How To Be Relevant Now And Forever: An Intuitive Operating Model

It takes an intuitive operating model: a collection of intelligent and automated business processes, enabled by technology and data, that transform your business into a highly resilient enterprise that can adapt instantaneously. Imagine channeling awareness, intelligence and experience into the exact

The Restructuring CIO: Transforming How IT Works

On an organizational level, restructuring is about realigning the company to put technology at the heart of every business decision, tying everyone to a north star vision, creating cross functional teams organized by product or

Nutanix CEO’s Cloud Mission: Subscribe To Simpler Solutions

This solutions strategy nestles logically enough with Nutanix’s invisible cloud concept i.e. if the underbelly cloud services a customer needs are composed of a hybrid multi-cloud (and perhaps even poly-cloud granular differentiation)

Lawrence Hrebiniak: Making Strategy Work

“Larry is best known for his work on strategy execution,” Wharton management professor Nikolaj Sigglekow said. He published several books on the subject and was instrumental in developing management strategy courses for the school’s MBA and Executive Education programs.

Creating a Compelling IoT Value Proposition and Business Model

While value propositions are the benefits your customers can expect from your IoT product (and the money you can expect in return), the business model demonstrates how to bring that value to market. While there are obvious technical challenges, like scaling the solution, we’re focused on two

The Future of Security

Zero trust security is a paradigm that leverages identity for access control and combines it with contextual data, continuous analysis, and automated response to ensure that the only network resources accessible to users and devices are those explicitly authorized for consumption. Cloud security and

Technology Trends for 2022

We looked at four specific kinds of data: search queries, questions asked to O’Reilly Answers (an AI engine that has indexed all of O’Reilly’s textual content; more recently, transcripts of video content and content from Pearson have been added to the index), resource usage by title, and resource usage

Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3

The failure to think through and build interfaces to existing legal and commercial mechanisms is in stark contrast to previous generations of the web, which quickly became a digital shadow of everything in the physical

Philips Is Betting Big On Digital Health

Earlier this month at the famous Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) health conference, global technology leader Philips highlighted its continued commitment to healthcare innovation. In conjunction with Philips’ patient management and data infrastructure, the company has

Five Industries That Will Be Transformed By The Metaverse

As the metaverse unfolds, gaming companies will continue to unlock major new revenue streams by hosting music concerts, monetizing virtual goods and scooping up major brand deals. It’s easy to dismiss the metaverse as

Connectivity and Security Prove Critical for the Future of IoT

While increased device connectivity and security are important in unlocking value and innovation for global IoT deployments, the user, and the use case, must be the focus to deliver successful transformational projects. IoT devices