Tech predictions for 2024 and beyond – All Things Distributed

The world is becoming more technologically advanced with generative AI, improvements in women’s health technology, AI-assistant developments, and changes in education. Generative AI is demonstrating cultural competency and addressing cultural biases. FemTech is gaining momentum, improving women’s health and driving the healthcare system forward. AI assistants are increasingly playing major roles in software development. Finally, the speed of tech innovation necessitates a shift from traditional models of education to continuous, industry-specific skills-based training.

Best IT Management Software to Use In 2023

The use of IT management software (ITSM) is increasingly important for businesses, as it allows monitoring and control of various digital aspects and streamlines workflows. This article discusses six top ITSM software: Electric.AI, Wrike, Smartsheet, Zohocorp ITMS, Scoro, and SolarWinds. Each provides unique features and benefits, but requires consideration of pros, cons, and cost for each individual business need.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Failover to the Disconnected Edge

This blog post outlines best practices for designing a disaster recovery strategy for remote enterprises using AWS, specifically the Snowball Edge device. Critical workloads should be identified and architected to run both in the cloud and locally. The differences in foundational capabilities between cloud and local sites, as well as data replication strategies, need to be accounted for. Redundancy within the local site and well-thought-out operations and maintenance plan are crucial. The aim is to harness cloud’s power even in remote locations with limited connectivity.

What Is OpenTelemetry and How Can It Help You Monitor Your Cloud?

OpenTelemetry is a merger of OpenTracing and OpenCensus, providing APIs, libraries, and agents for capturing and managing telemetry data in cloud-native software. Key features include language-agnostic instrumentation, manual and automatic instrumentation, integration with existing tools, and customizable framework. It can be used for application performance monitoring, distributed tracing in microservices architectures, resource and network monitoring. Effectiveness in cloud monitoring involves implementing effective instrumentation, utilizing context propagation, optimizing data collection, and establishing alerting and anomaly detection.

Leverage generative AI to create custom dashboard widgets in Amazon CloudWatch using Amazon CodeWhisperer

The blog post discusses using Amazon CodeWhisperer for writing and deploying code for custom CloudWatch dashboards for AWS. Highlighting the AI software’s capability to provide real-time code suggestions in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the authors explain how users can utilize it to create, configure, and deploy widgets, Lambda functions, and even manage resources like S3 buckets. The walkthrough underscores the ease of using AI-aided coding to streamline the software development and infrastructure management process.

Increase collaboration and securely share cloud knowledge with AWS re:Post Private

AWS has launched re:Post Private, a managed service aimed at promoting cloud adoption and increasing collaboration by providing tailored technical resources. This version of re:Post, which is private to an organization and its AWS account team, aids the development of an internal cloud community of practice. The service also offers encryption for data transit and storage and includes features for knowledge management and AWS Support interaction.

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