about us

GeneAka leverage artificial intelligence & NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, crowd source information from trusted partners. With the innovative technologies, we can always acquire the contents efficiently and consistently from a wide range of sources. We take less than one week to collate, edit, organize and distribute insightful information to users from the original sources.

GeneAka now has broad global customer coverage in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania areas. We also have presence in large popular countries. We intend to leverage the ubiquitous internet power, get rid of digital divide, making sure the knowledge dissemination should be sprinkle, rather than water fall alike.

GeneAka has broad presence in social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, touching the crowds always and instantly.

GeneAka leverage Google Analytics to measure site visits and pageview, improving post quality and maximizing the knowledge value to users. We regularly assess the content popularity and quality, therefore make adjustment accordingly. With Google Analytics appliance, we can adapt data-driven content and service strategy.

GeneAka platform is cloud based. With elastic and virtualized infrastructure, we can provide robust, reliable, uninterrupted online reading and sharing service in DevOps and CI/CD fashion.

GeneAka has a collection of excellent business operations systems to provide satisfactory integrated user online experience and customer relationship management.

  • WordPress powers 39% of the internet and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress such as Microsoft, Disney, Sony and more.
  • WooCommerce – the most customizable eCommerce platform for building our online business.
  • Mailchimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for our agile small businesses.

GeneAka services are endorsed, followed, and appreciated by broad audience who use services on daily basis.

GeneAka enable professionals and management to navigate through continuous evolutions and disruptions using innovative technologies and good business practice.