Generation Z und ihr Umgang mit Technik: So werden Generationskonflikte zu echten Chancen

Tatsächlich können kluge Management-Entscheidungen Probleme zwischen den Generationen in unternehmerische Chancen verwandeln. Ein Trend scheint sich bei den jüngsten Mitarbeitern besonders durchzusetzen: Die Tech sollte brandneu sein, ins Budget passen und trotzdem nachhaltig sein. Ist das überhaupt möglich? Grover Business gibt Unternehmen die richtigen Werkzeuge mit an die Hand.


信州斑尾高原でのペンション経営からジャムの製造・販売に転じ、ワインやパスタソースなど商品を広げてきたサンクゼール。食品ブランド「サンクゼール」「久世福商店」「Kuze Fuku & Sons」を軸に、商品企画から製造・店舗運営まで一貫した製造小売を展開している。同社は2013年頃からIT組織を強化してシステム内製化に着手、2022年12月に東証グロース市場に上場を果たした今もDXを推進している。今回は、IT組織をけん引してきた同社のキーパーソンに自社開発システムとSaaSなど外部サービス切り分けのポイントをはじめ、内製化、DXを軌道に乗せるまでについて訊いた。



Wastewater Is Sending a Warning About Covid-19 This Holiday Season

COVID-19 cases are rising again in the U.S. as the holiday season approaches, potentially due to colder weather and indoor gatherings, says CDC. Doctors and scientists are monitoring a fast-spreading variant, JN.1. Test positivity rates and hospitalizations are also increasing. Meanwhile, COVID-19 shot uptake remains low, posing an additional challenge. Experts also point to high levels of virus detected in wastewater as an early infection warning and predict a potential wave in cases around New Year.

Using Keratin Treatments or Hair-Straightening Creams? Research Suggests Potential Cancer Risk.

Research has shown that frequent use of hair-straightening products could be linked to an increased risk of various cancers, including uterine, ovarian and breast cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspects formaldehyde, often used in salon-based keratin treatments, as a potential culprit and is planning to propose a ban. The endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in some of these products, such as phthalates, phenols, and parabens may also contribute to these risks.

Is there a “new Covid?”

The BA.2.86 strain of Covid-19, often referred to as “new Covid”, isn’t exactly new, says epidemiologist Katrine Wallace. Having been around since summer, it is starting to account for more US cases, now making up 5% to 15% of current variants in the country. However, Covid tests and treatments seem effective against it, and severity of symptoms isn’t different from other strains. Vaccine-generated antibodies also recognize and neutralize this strain.

Can herbs beat pneumonia?

Chinese people have traditionally relied on herbal concoctions to cure illnesses, and despite the prevalence of Western medicine, many still turn to traditional remedies. Amid a surge in respiratory illnesses like mycoplasma pneumoniae, China’s health officials are advocating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) again. However, while TCM garners a significant presence in Chinese healthcare, its health claims show mixed results.



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