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Thematic Times: Semiconductors Powering Thematic Indexes

This week, the President signed the CHIPS and Science Act which would provide $50 billion in subsidies to chip manufacturers to expand their operations within the U.S. and $2.7 billion for other activities like research, development, and workforce growth.(1) This note discusses how the semiconductor industry could grow to meet demand created by innovation and how VettaFi’s thematic indexes are directly or indirectly exposed to semiconductor stocks.


QYLD is an ETF from Global X Funds that attempts to track the CBOE Nasdaq-100 BuyWrite V2 Index. This is a theoretical portfolio of the Nasdaq 100 stocks that holds the shares of each company, and then sells calls against those positions to generate income. The calls sold are one month out and are held until one day prior to expiration when they are liquidated and rolled forward.

Is It Too Late to Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio?

For people who are getting close to or are in retirement, they should be more concerned about preserving purchasing power.
I Bonds can help hedge inflation but have built-in purchase constraints.
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are a relative of I Bonds. They are issued by the U.S. Treasury and can help hedge inflation.

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