AQUA (Advanced Query Accelerator) – A Speed Boost for Your Amazon Redshift Queries

Amazon Redshift already provides up to 3x better price-performance at any scale than any other cloud data warehouse. We do this by designing our own hardware and by using Machine Learning (ML). For example, we launched the SSD-based RA3 nodes for Amazon Redshift at the end of 2019 ( Amazon Redshift Update – Next-Generation Compute Instances and Managed, Analytics-Optimized Storage ) and added additional node sizes last April ( Amazon Redshift update – ra3.4xlarge Nodes ), and last December ( Amazon Redshift Launches RA3.xlplus Nodes With Managed Storage ). In addition to high-bandwidth networking, RA3 nodes incorporate a sophisticated data management model.

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Top 5 Architecture Blog Posts for Q1 2021

The goal of the AWS Architecture Blog is to highlight best practices and provide architectural guidance. We publish thought leadership pieces that encourage readers to discover other technical documentation such as solutions and managed solutions , other AWS blogs , videos , reference architectures, whitepapers, and guides , training and certification , case studies , and the AWS Architecture Monthly Magazine .

Design Pattern for Highly Parallel Compute: Recursive Scaling with Amazon SQS

Scaling based on Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a commonly used design pattern. At AWS Professional Services, we have recently used a variant of this pattern to achieve highly parallel computation for larger customers. In fact, any use case with a tree-like set of entities can use this pattern.

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