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Rethinking business resilience with Google Cloud

During my last 20 years of IT projects and consultancy across enterprise businesses, I have seen recurring patterns being implemented to deliver a resilient IT strategy. Challenges across security, operation, innovation, data strategy, and insights are very common for enterprises looking to modernize. 2020 has so far proven to be a very challenging year for everyone, and enterprises want to plan, architect, and build resilient strategies to keep their business successful.

Tips for writing and deploying Node.js apps on Cloud Functions

The DPE Client Library team at Google handles the release maintenance, and support of Google Cloud client libraries. Essentially, we act as the open-source maintainers of Google’s 350+ repositories on GitHub. It’s a big job… For this work to scale, it’s been critical to automate various common tasks such as validating licenses, managing releases , and merging pull requests (PRs) once tests pass.

33 Engineering Challenges of Building Mobile Apps at Scale:

Most engineers – who have not built mobile apps – assume the mobile app is a simple facade that requires less engineering effort to build and operate. Having built both types of systems: this is not the case. There is plenty of depth in building large, native, mobile applications – but often little curiosity from people not in this space. Product managers, business stakeholders, and even non-native mobile engineers rarely understand why it “takes so long” to ship something on mobile

By Gergely Orosz

Building a real-time notification system with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink

Amazon DynamoDB helps you capture high-velocity data such as clickstream data to form customized user profiles and Internet of Things (IoT) data so that you can develop insights on sensor activity across various industries, including smart spaces, connected factories, smart packing, fitness monitoring, and more.

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