Critical security risks to IoT on cellular networks and how to handle them: A guide

If you take any risk when it comes to data, you need the CIA. The CIA, in this instance, is the ‘confidentiality, integrity and availability’ of that data. As such, IoT data transmission needs to be assessed for these risks. Cellular networks have long been considered a walled garden – a safe way to gain remote connectivity for your IoT devices.

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Simplify Snowflake data loading and processing with AWS Glue DataBrew

Historically, inserting and retrieving data from a given database platform has been easier compared to a multi-platform architecture for the same operations. To simplify bringing data in from a multi-database platform, AWS Glue DataBrew supports bringing your data in from multiple data sources via the AWS Glue Data Catalog .

How Isentia improves customer experience by modernizing their real-time media monitoring and intelligence platform with Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink

This is a blog post co-written by Karl Platz at Isentia. In their own words, “Isentia is the leading media monitoring, intelligence and insights solution provider in Asia Pacific, helping top-performing communication teams make sense of the world’s conversations in real-time.” Isentia is a publicly listed (ASX:ISD) media monitoring and intelligence company that provides software as a service (SaaS) tools used by thousands of users each day across eight countries in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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