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P3 – Guest post/Sponsored article


Your post (s) can be viewed via

Our website has 300,000 visits annually and 10, 000 active visitors monthly

  • Channels of search engine organic search, user direct search, display ads, Genesis Aka own paid search
  • Genesis Aka visitors  across world of Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa
  • Devices of desktops, mobiles, tablets


  • Promote with Meta/Facebook ads delivery system  to target audience, specifying devices, locations, interest (2 weeks)

Your posts will be promoted along with other posts from reputable sources and by distinguished experts, therefore elevating your personal credibility and improving your individual brand.

For details, please send email to us
[email protected]


  • The promotional blog is indexed and dated  as the blog is created.
  • Blog link is  Dofollow type.
  • The blog title is displayed on and can access from homepage foot section in the first 24 hours.
  • The post and links  remain permanently on our website
  • The post will be enriched with additional attributes of meta description, category, tags, excerpt etc to improve SEO performance.
  • The post would be published on Facebook and Twitter GeneAka account.


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