Reinventing HR to deliver on human-centered transformation by Armin von Rohrscheidt

The “Human-Centric Enterprise” ebook aims to reimagine corporate management to maximize human potential. The book, a collaboration between Thinkers50 and Mercer, proposes that best practice should cater to individual needs and aspirations over balance sheets or rigid efficiency ideals. Armin von Rohrscheidt’s chapter discusses how HR needs to evolve to support this shift towards a more humane and people-centered organizational structure.

Liberty Mutual’s CIO Articulates The Ingredients To Foster A Tech-Forward Insurance Company

Monica Caldas, Chief Information Officer of Liberty Mutual, is transforming the company into a tech-forward insurer focusing on a ‘wing-to-wing’ digital transformation. This involves mapping customer journeys and employee experiences, identifying areas where digitalisation can improve service, and involving all stakeholders in data stewardship. Caldas has introduced Executech, a tailored tech training scheme, and leverages generative AI to improve processes. She emphasizes that a successful data strategy is crucial for digitization.

What Instacart’s IPO Foretold About Digital Ads, Retail And The Future Of Search

Instacart has revolutionized the traditional IPO narrative by successfully leveraging advertising as a primary revenue driver, showing significant profits since 2022 and continuing in 2023. Unlike previous digital companies like Amazon and Twitter, which reported losses upon their IPOs, Instacart reported net income of $2.5 billion in 2022, with 28% coming from advertising revenue. Turning its focus from delivery services to an advertising and retail media platform, Instacart’s revenue model indicates that advertising is an emerging power in the economic landscape.

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