DGRO Vs. VIG: Picking A Winner For 2023

In my last article on DGRO, I declared this ETF as the best 2019 ETF for dividend growth investors. Four years later, we live in a very different world. Further, VIG, one of DGRO’s main competitors, has also changed somewhat in structure. What does this all mean for investors in 2023? In this article, I do a deep dive into both ETFs, featuring both their similarities and differences.

Top 4 Dividend Growth ETFs

Dividend growth ETFs provide instant diversification.Although I have a strong preference for a particular ETF, I contend that it is reasonable to also diversify one’s ETF investments.The average yield for the highlighted ETFs is 2.41%, and the average annual dividend growth rate is nearly 11%.

DWX: Global ETF With A 4% Yield And Caveats

The SPDR S&P International Dividend ETF tracks an index of 100 ex-US dividend stocks.Its top countries are Japan and Canada, and its top sector is utilities.It has some exposure to geopolitical risks related to China.It has suffered a significant decay in capital and distribution since inception.Quantitative Risk & Value members get exclusive access to our real-world portfolio.

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