Bonds’ Pain Is Retirees’ Gain

The article suggests that the current high long-bond yields could offer a significant opportunity for investors, despite the economic uncertainty. It highlights the current yields on the 30-year Treasury bond at their highest since 2007, compared to their 2020 low. Similarly, the improved yields could benefit retirees, boosting their approved withdrawal rate. The article, however, underscores that this scenario is contingent upon the validity of a 2.3% inflation estimate and investors’ ability to capitalize on the higher yields.

Recession Worries? Recurrent Income Is Your Best Friend

The article talks about the fear and insecurity accompanying job loss or forced retirement, especially due to economic downturns. It suggests traditional investing strategies may not suffice, and introduces the ‘Income Method’ as a practical solution. This investment strategy advocates for owning shares in companies that pay steady dividends. The article also mentions the ‘Rule of 42’ for diversification, and the ‘Rule of 25’ for reinvesting dividends, to ensure a growing income stream, making it an apt strategy amidst economic instability.

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