Best practices for hybrid cloud banking applications secure and compliant deployment across IBM Cloud and Satellite

Financial services customers increasingly seek modernization and flexibility in their deployments. IBM Cloud Satellite and IBM Cloud for Financial Services address these needs by enabling consistent, secure, and compliant deployment of applications across hybrid cloud environments. They support modern, cloud-native applications to run anywhere while maintaining standardized operations. The blog illustrates how a loan origination application, modernized with Kubernetes and microservices, was deployed using these services, highlighting the integration of automated CI/CD/CC pipelines, best practices, and agile DevSecOps strategies.

Unlock a Galaxy of Opportunity With Constellation Analytics

CPG (consumer packaged goods) firms can unlock data-derived insights with constellation analytics, a strategy that connects disparate datasets to reveal patterns and relationships. AI plays a secondary but important role, highlighting patterns after data integration. The approach can enhance product innovation, boost brand resonance, and support first-mover strategies by enriching data analysis and validating complex hypotheses. Examples include product improvement, ideation based on new trends, and enhancing brand messaging.

The Role of Generative AI in Manufacturing: A New Era for Production

Generative AI in manufacturing is used to interpret data and make smarter decisions during the product lifecycle. Companies like General Motors employ these customized algorithms to optimize vehicle parts, making them lighter and more efficient. The global market for generative AI in manufacturing is predicted to reach around USD 6.3 million by 2032. The applications of generative AI range from design and production to supply chain optimization, quality control automation, predictive maintenance, and customer support improvement.

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