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VGK: Deutsche Bank Sees Brutal EU Economic Contraction In 2023, Yet It May Still Be Overly Optimistic

In a worst-case scenario, Europe’s energy crisis could persist throughout the decade and beyond, making this ETF as well as other funds that provide broad exposure to European stocks, one of the riskiest investment positions within regional ETF fund choices. Looking at the

Don’t Fight The Fed: Inverted Yield Curve Means Lower Future Inflation

The inverted yield curve is bearish short-term, but bullish long-term.
While inverted yield curves have always preceded recession, this time it might be a sign of easing inflation. The US has never entered a recession with 3.5% unemployment. Given the mixed signals from the yield curve, inflation, and employment, investors can use a barbell approach to protect the downside while leaving room for upside potential

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