US Natural Gas: Winter Weather, Prices, and Production

Natural gas prices have softened in 2023 due to warm winter weather reducing demand and increasing inventories. Despite this, production has grown, providing opportunities for energy infrastructure companies. The outlook for U.S. gas prices promotes a positive trend as new LNG export capacity is expected in 2024 and 2025. Cold weather might temporarily spike prices, but long-term gains are tied more to rising LNG capacity and continuous production growth.

Why Pair Renewable & Traditional Energy Investments

The energy transition portfolio, including Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) and ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES), provides an investment mechanism balancing renewables and fossil fuels. Although clean energy ETFs encountered difficulties in 2023, long-term prospects remain promising. AMLP outperforms broader markets, and ACES offers exposure to North American clean energy sector companies. Both ETFs capitalize on renewables’ growth and traditional energy sources’ continued significance.

JETS: Attractive Airlines Invite You Onboard

The passenger airline industry, significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is on the mend as global travel demand returns. Airlines, particularly legacy and global carriers, are stabilizing costs, achieving operational reliability, and repairing their balance sheets. There’s noticeable growth in long-haul travels with increasing numbers of leisure travelers buying premium services. Investor sentiments towards airlines are improving with the recovery, making JETS ETF, which is heavily weighted towards larger U.S. airlines, an attractive investment. An 18% growth in the ETF’s value is expected within the next nine months.

OIH: A Popular Fund And Good One For Energy Bulls

The VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF (OIH) offers investors broad exposure to the upstream oil industry, including sectors like oil equipment, services, and drilling. Tracking the MVIS U.S. Listed Oil Services 25 Index, the fund has $2.3 billion in assets and includes major holdings such as Schlumberger NV, Halliburton Co, and Baker Hughes Co. Despite its short-term volatility due to oil price fluctuations and global economic conditions, OIH provides a potentially growthful and diversified investment option for those bullish on the energy sector.

Grid Spending Could Boost Electrification Metals Demand

Renewable energy discussions often focus on electric vehicles, solar and wind, but overlook the importance of strengthening electrical grids, an essential component for energy transition and national security. KraneShares Electrification Metals Strategy ETF (KMET) offers exposure to six metals critical for grid enhancements. Anticipated government expenditure, including on commodities such as aluminium and copper, offers a promising outlook for KMET.

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