Industry ETF’s of Retail ETF List (4/5): Taxes, Technicals, Analysis

Retail ETFs invest in stocks of companies that are principally engaged in operating general merchandise stores such as department stores, discount stores, warehouse clubs and superstores; specialty stores, including apparel, electronics, accessories and footwear stores; and home improvement and home furnishings stores

Assets and Average Volume as of 2022-06-30 16:16 EDT

Taxes, Technicals, Analysis

SymbolETF NameST Cap Gain RateLT Cap Gain RateTax Form
XRTSPDR S&P Retail ETF40%20%1099
ONLNProShares Online Retail ETF40%20%1099
IBUYAmplify Online Retail ETF40%20%1099
RTHVanEck Retail ETF40%20%1099
RETLDirexion Daily Retail Bull 3X Shares40%20%1099
ISHPFirst Trust S-Network E-Commerce ETF40%20%1099
LUXEEmles Luxury Goods ETF40%20%1099


SymbolETF NameLower BollingerUpper BollingerSupport 1Resistance 1RSIAdvancedVolatility Rating
XRTSPDR S&P Retail ETF$57.80$67.71$57.26$59.1539.26ViewB+
ONLNProShares Online Retail ETF$31.06$37.13$31.95$33.0444.21ViewN/A
IBUYAmplify Online Retail ETF$39.93$50.36$41.06$42.7040.64ViewN/A
RTHVanEck Retail ETF$145.95$164.98$150.07$153.6542.43ViewA
RETLDirexion Daily Retail Bull 3X Shares$7.19$12.19$7.15$7.8837.94ViewB
ISHPFirst Trust S-Network E-Commerce ETF$22.25$26.48$23.46$24.0445.12ViewN/A
LUXEEmles Luxury Goods ETF$19.93$23.53$21.14$21.1443.21ViewN/A


SymbolETF NameFact SheetETF HoldingsChartETF Home PageHead-To-Head
XRTSPDR S&P Retail ETFViewViewViewViewView
ONLNProShares Online Retail ETFViewViewViewViewView
IBUYAmplify Online Retail ETFViewViewViewViewView
RTHVanEck Retail ETFViewViewViewViewView
RETLDirexion Daily Retail Bull 3X SharesViewViewViewViewView
ISHPFirst Trust S-Network E-Commerce ETFViewViewViewViewView
LUXEEmles Luxury Goods ETFViewViewViewViewView

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