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Webinar: How Digital Transformation Disrupts Legacy Leaders

Digitalization has won, but has leadership lost? Our research strongly suggests that ongoing digital transformation fundamentally challenges how leaders are seen, experienced, and understood by their workforce. Effective leadership must be better balanced with affective leadership that openly embraces greater purpose, transparency, and authenticity.

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Watch this webinar, which is based on the recent report, “Leadership’s Digital Transformation: Leading Purposefully in an Era of Context Collapse,” to learn:

  • Leadership best practices from companies including Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Best Buy, and Delta Air Lines.
  • How leaders can — and should — credibly and authentically make purpose an organizing principle for engaging colleagues and associates. The speakers introduce an NPS-like metric as a simple, fast, and powerful conversation starter.
  • How data-driven leaders can invest in greater self- and situational awareness using an “affective” digital dashboard.
  • How leaders can visualize their networks, which offers powerful insight into leadership style and substance — not to mention a demonstrable reality check on DEI issues.