The Most Noticeable Software Trends In 2022

The unprecedented and exponential change in technology impacts how organizations develop, validate, deliver, and operate software.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations must constantly innovate and reinvent themselves by identifying solutions to optimize practices and tools for rapidly developing and delivering high-quality software.

The Top Trends in Software Testing

Agile and DevOps

DevOps entails practices, rules, processes, and tools that aid in integrating development and operations activities to reduce the time between development and operations. DevOps is a widely accepted solution for organizations seeking to reduce the time to develop, deliver, and operate the software.

Agile and DevOps allow teams to develop and deliver quality software more quickly, also known as “Quality of Speed.” This adoption has sparked a lot of interest in the last five years.

Test Automation

Given the popularity of DevOps and test automation being underutilized, with less than 20 percent of automated testing, there is much room for organizations to increase test automation adoption. In addition, more advanced methods and tools should emerge to enable more effective test automation in projects.


Popular automation tools like Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete continue to evolve with new features that make automation easier and more effective.

API and Services Test Automation

Testing APIs and services across client applications and components are more effective and efficient than testing the client. The trend is that the demand for service test automation and API is increasing, possibly outpacing that of end-user functionality.

Artificial Intelligence for Testing

AI/ML algorithms are developed to produce better test cases, scripts, data, and reports. For example, predictive models would aid in deciding where, what, and when to test. In addition, smart analytics and visualization assist teams in detecting faults, understanding test coverage, high-risk areas, etc.

Mobile Test Automation

The use of automated testing for mobile apps is becoming more popular. This trend is being driven by the need to reduce time-to-market and the development of advanced methods and tools for mobile test automation.

Organizations and individuals must stay up to date on industry developments. Following these trends would allow test professionals, organizations, and teams to stay ahead of the curve.