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Industrializing the Agile Transformation Process

Agile Transformation is more than just installing Agile processes or Agile principles. It’s more than simply training your team on Agile methodology. But if that’s the case, then what is the actual path to becoming an Agile organization? 

You must create the conditions where Agile processes can be deployed and exploited for better outcomes than you had before—so you can get more value, better ROI, more predictability, and more. But to create this foundation, you need a way to move the organization incrementally and iteratively through Transformation that operates with certain characteristics. LeadingAgile has found a way to do this with what we call a Systems-first approach to Agile Transformation. 

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In this podcast, LeadingAgile CEO Mike Cottmeyer and host Dave Prior candidly explore and discuss the details of the LeadingAgile Systems-first approach, including how it started, why it has become a proven and tested way to successfully enable any organization to Transform, and how each part of the system works.

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