3 Of The Best Dividend ETFs For 2021

Since August interest rates have been moving higher. The 10-year U.S. Treasury Note’s yield has moved from 60 basis points to 1.6%. On a historical basis, this is still very low. Investors seeking income may have better choices than buying treasuries.

Source: 3 Of The Best Dividend ETFs For 2021

Some ETFs are structured to pay high dividends. These include the JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF (NYSE:JEPI), the Global X SuperDividend U.S. ETF (NYSE:DIV), and the Invesco KBW High Dividend Yield Financial ETF (NASDAQ:KBWD). All three are paying dividends that yield more than 6%.

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The JP Morgan Income ETF generates income buy selling options and investing in high yielding large-cap stocks. It’s currently yielding about 7.7%.


The Global X SuperDividend ETF invests in 50 of the highest dividend-yielding equity securities in the United States. It’s yielding about 6.2%.

The Invesco High Yield Dividend ETF invests at least 90% of its assets in publicly traded companies with high dividend yields. The yield is about 6.90%.

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