BlackRock launches ETF savings plans in Europe

BlackRock, in partnership with neobroker BUX, has unveiled a low-cost savings plan service in Europe where investors can build and manage portfolios comprised solely of iShares ETFs.

BlackRock has launched a low-cost savings plan aimed at getting more retail investors to adopt ETFs.

Investors can quickly set up a monthly BUX Savings Plan that matches their personal interests and investing preferences, or they can build their own savings portfolios consisting of up to ten ETFs.

Eligible iShares ETFs cover a diverse range of equity and fixed income asset segments and include plain-vanilla, sector, factor, thematic, and sustainable exposures.

The service, which is initially being rolled out to investors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and Ireland, requires a minimum investment of €10 per ETF per month, charges a €1 flat fee per month, and charges a €1 commission fee per portfolio trade.

According to BUX, the service is aimed at helping younger, less experienced retail investors make their first foray into saving for the future – a recent survey commissioned by BUX found that a lack of knowledge is the biggest barrier to investing with 42% of respondents indicating it as a major hurdle.

Yorick Naeff, CEO of BUX, commented: “The appetite to start investing is there but the knowledge is lacking and becomes a blocker for people who want to begin investing but don’t have any experience. By joining forces with Blackrock, a renowned expert in financial markets and products, we have created a good solution for clients that are overwhelmed by the choice of products and don’t know how and when to start investing. Together, BUX and BlackRock can make a real impact on how Europeans invest and approach their financial future.”

Christian Bimueller. Head of Digital Distribution Continental Europe at BlackRock, added: “When investing is made cost-efficient and accessible, millions of investors turn to iShares ETFs as tools to build investment portfolios and achieve financial well-being. We are delighted to be working with BUX, this partnership creates an efficient way for investors across Europe to reach the benefits of ETFs and investing in global markets in a simple, accessible, and cost-efficient format.”

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