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Bond ETFs of TIPS ETF List (1/5): Overview

TIPS ETFs are composed of TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities). These bonds help investors fend against inflation, since they are linked to cost-of-living increases

* Assets and Average Volume as of 2022-09-01 16:18 EDT


SymbolETF NameAsset ClassTotal Assets ($MM)YTD Price ChangeAvg. Daily VolumePrevious Closing Price1-Day Change
TIPiShares TIPS Bond ETFBond$29,655-9.56%4,024,466$111.62-2.01%
VTIPVanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETFBond$20,834-1.51%3,387,272$49.46-0.22%
SCHPSchwab U.S. TIPS ETFBond$15,582-8.73%2,954,538$55.13-1.32%
STIPiShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond ETFBond$12,674-2.76%1,370,314$98.86-1.48%
SPIPSPDR Portfolio TIPS ETFBond$2,892-10.27%1,220,740$26.97-2.14%
TDTTFlexShares iBoxx 3-Year Target Duration TIPS Index FundBond$2,269-3.44%522,617$24.25-1.58%
TIPXSPDR Bloomberg 1-10 Year TIPS ETFBond$1,591-5.87%679,654$19.08-1.85%
IVOLQuadratic Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETFBond$1,503-9.06%450,426$23.840.68%
STPZPIMCO 1-5 Year US TIPS Index ETFBond$1,421-3.63%255,311$51.06-1.56%
TDTFFlexShares iBoxx 5-Year Target Duration TIPS Index FundBond$693-7.44%186,628$24.71-2.18%
LTPZPIMCO 15+ Year US TIPS Index ETFBond$683-25.95%116,774$64.48-3.53%
WIPSPDR FTSE International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETFBond$476-15.90%65,672$42.45-2.30%
TIPZPIMCO Broad US TIPS Index ETFBond$306-10.21%92,540$56.78-2.10%
DFIPDimensional Inflation-Protected Securities ETFBond$260-8.31%77,692$43.96-0.99%
GTIPGoldman Sachs Access Inflation Protected USD Bond ETFBond$165-9.48%36,986$50.62-1.98%
PBTPInvesco PureBeta 0-5 Yr US TIPS ETFBond$126-1.51%60,634$25.55-0.23%
FLTNRareview Inflation/Deflation ETFBond$13N/AN/AN/A0.00%
TIPDDirexion Daily TIPS Bear 2X Shares ETFBond$8N/A403$27.011.54%
TIPLDirexion Daily TIPS Bull 2X Shares ETFBond$8N/A2,609$22.54-1.40%