Top 10 IT Companies List In Japan 2023

Numerous companies believe they don’t need to invest in software since they have staff. Although tech can improve employee productivity, and work efficiency while reducing errors, communication breakdowns, data security, and many other issues. 

Custom software development means making the most of the expertise and knowledge from digital advancement. The size of the world market for software development was estimated at $429.59 billion in 2021. And is projected to increase at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030. There are 26.9 million software developers globally and the number is only increasing. 

However, there are many IT companies in Japan for software development to choose from. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 IT companies in Japan that have been assisting enterprises in creating and maintaining bespoke software.

List of Top 10 Trusted IT Companies in Japan 2023

1.    eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz is a center for both onshore and offshore web and app development. Renowned for IT outsourcing services, they are a top-notch offshore provider of high-quality websites and apps for many product categories for 12+ years.  The company has served 1000+ clients with websites and mobile applications with the ideal mix of technologies for their various demands. They believe in providing constant support and innovation to their clients. Mastering futuristic techs like AI, ML, AR, VR, IoT, DevOps, Cloud, Decentralization, etc. they provide the best agile technical services with their vast experience and adaptable business methods.

2.    Newwave Solutions

Newwave Solutions offer time zone-aligned services to support Fortune 500 corporations and brands with their team of 300+ experienced engineers in Japan & Vietnam. Since 2011, the company offers IT services ranging from game development, QA & testing, UI/UX design, mobile app development, software development, and Blockchain development. They work hard to provide their clients with great technology solutions in addition to software development!

3.    Netwise

The company Netwise is situated in Tokyo offering digital solutions to many businesses. Their success is largely due to collaboration with multinationals and foreign-owned businesses. They aid companies in the development of websites, online shops, and web-based mobile and PC applications. And are experts in developing websites that manage huge traffic, are multilingual, and are regionally diverse. 

4.    Mitsue-Links

One of Japan’s top communication design firms, Mitsue-Links guides client businesses toward sustainable development. It was established in 1990, at the start of the information technology revolution. And have been offering distinctive business solutions centered on digital content. They provide a wide range of services, including UI planning, design, and implementation, website building, development of operation-centered systems, application development, and other solutions.

5.    Fujitsu

In 1935, Fujitsu was founded in Japan. The top Japanese provider of information and communications technology, Fujitsu provides a variety of technological goods, services, and solutions. Also, they manufacture Servers, PCs, laptops, media centers, tablets, storage gear, and displays. By linking People, Technology, and Ideas, Fujitsu aims to create new opportunities and a more sustainable world.

6.    Paradigm

Through precise planning, imaginative design, and methodical development, Paradigm assists companies and other organizations in creating exceptional interactive experiences. Paradigm is aware of user behavior. Their highly qualified teams of programmers, testers and project managers provide complete IT services. And are capable of completing projects in both English and Japanese that have the strictest requirements.

7.    Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading software company that provides a range of custom software development services for a range of industries. It includes  Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, and many more. Founded in 2011, its software engineers have enough experience to work with any difficult technology. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Metaverse, NFT marketplace, AI, ML, etc. The team is already creating solutions for international business. 

8.    Appian Corporation 

Appian Corporation is an enterprise software and cloud computing company. By identifying, developing, and automating their most crucial procedures, they help customers’ businesses grow faster. The Appian Low-Code Platform combines Process Mining, Workflow, and Automation, the three critical characteristics needed to complete tasks more quickly, into a single low-code platform. Industry leaders rely on Appian because it is open, scalable, and reliable.

9.    Ekohe

Ekohe offers AI transformation that advances your company. They put technology to work for you, whether it’s AI-driven predictive analytics that drives market innovators or Machine Learning automation. Founded in Shanghai, it has offices in Tokyo, Vancouver, Paris, and New York. With 15 years of experience, it turns even the most difficult concepts into profitable digital solutions. It specializes in user-centered designs from concept to market launch, digital strategy, new technology, and AI transformation.

10.    SotaTak

A division of Sota Holdings, SotaTak provides sustainable software development that includes web & app development, Games, Blockchain, AI & ML, and ERP with cost-effective solutions. Their team of 750+ talents offers IT outsourcing, consulting, and software development as a service (SDaaS). It consists of outstanding IT consultants and developers who pool their extensive knowledge to ensure the best project outcomes for clients in various industries. It includes  Insurance, Banking, Finance, Media and Entertainment, Automobiles, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Education.

We hope the above list of top 10 IT companies in Japan will help you as you get ready, to begin with, your IT processes. Depending on which company best suits your needs in terms of your objectives and budget, you may choose one of the top web development firms in Japan from the list above.