Predibase Unveils Low-Code Machine Learning Platform for Building AI Models


  • Predibase unveils a low-code declarative machine learning platform for building AI models.
  • The platform simplifies AI development by eliminating the need for complex tools and low-level frameworks.
  • Users can define predictions using prebuilt large AI models and fine-tune them as needed.
  • Predibase reduces the deployment time of machine learning models from months to days.
  • The platform aligns with the rise of generative AI models, offering a competitive advantage to enterprises.
  • Predibase’s declarative approach enables novices and experts to build machine learning applications easily.
  • The platform includes an AI-powered data science copilot tool for real-time recommendations and examples.
  • Predibase offers a free trial, allowing companies to experience accelerated model development.
  • The platform has been tested and praised by enterprises, demonstrating its efficacy.
  • The recent funding expansion of $12.2 million will support Predibase’s go-to-market operations and platform development.

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Predibase Inc., a pioneering machine learning startup, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge low-code declarative machine learning platform. This innovative platform empowers artificial intelligence (AI) developers by offering new features specifically designed for large language models. The release of Predibase’s platform coincides with an impressive $12.2 million expansion of its Series A funding round, led by Felicis Ventures Management Co., LLC.

Predibase’s primary goal is to assist developers and data scientists in building, iterating, and deploying sophisticated AI models and applications. The company aims to level the playing field for smaller enterprises, enabling them to compete with industry giants such as Apple Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., and Uber Technologies Inc. By eliminating the need for complex machine learning tools and assembling low-level frameworks, Predibase simplifies the process and empowers teams to achieve remarkable results.

Utilizing Predibase’s user-friendly machine learning platform, teams can easily define their prediction requirements using a range of prebuilt large AI models. From there, the platform takes charge, automating the rest of the process. Novice users can rely on recommended model architectures to get started quickly, while seasoned practitioners can leverage the platform to fine-tune any model parameter according to their specific needs.

Thanks to Predibase’s advanced capabilities, the time required to deploy machine learning models is significantly reduced, from months to mere days. Since emerging from stealth mode last year, Predibase proudly boasts that over 250 models have already been trained on its platform, showcasing the tool’s effectiveness and rapid adoption.

The timing of Predibase’s platform launch couldn’t be more opportune, with the proliferation of generative AI models like OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT capturing the attention of enterprises worldwide. In recent months, companies have been scrambling to implement generative AI capabilities to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Predibase’s Co-founder and Chief Executive, Piero Molino, highlighted the pressing need for enterprises to embed machine learning capabilities into both internal and customer-facing applications. However, most existing machine learning development tools prove too complex for engineering teams, while the scarcity of data science resources exacerbates the challenge. Addressing this issue, Predibase adopts a unique “declarative” approach to machine learning development.

According to Molino, “Declarative means you can specify what you want the ML models to predict, and from which data, without having to specify the how.” This approach entails writing a concise configuration YAML file that outlines the data schema and the desired predictions, rather than thousands of lines of low-level machine learning code. By adopting a similar philosophy as Terraform, which simplifies infrastructure management, Predibase revolutionizes the machine learning landscape.

Molino emphasized that Predibase’s mission is to make machine learning application development simpler for novices and experts alike, facilitating their smooth transition to production. This includes the integration of powerful large language models for generative AI applications. To achieve this, Predibase enables users to build upon open-source LLMs like Ludwig and Horovod, continuously enhanced by the community and customized to meet their specific requirements.

The challenge with open-source models lies in the complexity of serving, adapting, and deploying them in a cost-effective manner. Predibase solves this by streamlining the fine-tuning and deployment process through a simple declarative YAML configuration, accessible to any developer.

The latest version of Predibase introduces an AI-powered data science copilot tool, which offers developers real-time recommendations, explanations, and examples to enhance the performance of their models. This innovative feature further amplifies Predibase’s appeal and sets it apart from traditional machine learning tools.

Renowned technology analyst Andy Thurai, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research Inc., praised Predibase’s unique approach to machine learning. He highlighted its ability to rapidly compose workflows, architecture, and tools, streamlining the setup of an experimentation environment. Thurai believes that Predibase, coupled with its low-code options, has the potential to democratize machine learning, providing a viable alternative for enterprises with limited data science resources or pressing time constraints.

To demonstrate its value proposition, Predibase has unveiled a free, two-week trial version of its platform, enabling every company to experience the accelerated model development facilitated by its declarative approach. The trial is available as a fully-hosted software-as-a-service through the Predibase Cloud or a virtual private cloud within the customer’s own environment. Trial participants will also gain access to LudwigGPT, Predibase’s custom LLM that powers its data science copilot.

Predibase’s platform has undergone extensive testing by numerous enterprises during its beta phase. Dr. Volkmar Scharf-Katz, Data Science Lead at Wells Fargo & Co., expressed his admiration for the platform, emphasizing its ability to combine the simplicity of an AutoML platform with the flexibility and advanced features desired by data scientists. He praised Predibase for delivering accurate results at an astonishing speed, reducing the time to value from months to days. Dr. Scharf-Katz also highlighted Predibase’s versatility, accommodating various use case scenarios in regulated domains such as finance and healthcare.

With the recent investment from Felicis Ventures, Predibase’s Series A funding round has reached an impressive $25.2 million. The company’s total funding to date stands at $28.5 million. Predibase plans to utilize these additional funds to expand its go-to-market operations and further enhance its platform’s capabilities, ensuring its continued success and widespread adoption in the market.


Predibase’s revolutionary low-code machine learning platform disrupts the market by empowering developers and data scientists to build and deploy sophisticated AI models with ease. The platform’s declarative approach, coupled with its AI-powered copilot tool, streamlines model development and enhances performance. Predibase’s ability to reduce deployment time and cater to both novice and expert users positions it as a strong competitor in the AI development landscape, with the potential to democratize machine learning and drive innovation across various industries. The recent funding round further solidifies Predibase’s growth trajectory and market impact.

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Predibase Unveils Low-Code Machine Learning Platform for Building AI Models

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