Middlefield rolls out three equity income ETFs on TSX

Canadian asset manager Middlefield Group has unveiled a trio of actively managed equity ETFs on Toronto Stock Exchange providing exposure to various dividend-focused investment strategies.

Middlefield has added three new dividend-focused ETFs to its active ETF line-up.

The Middlefield Innovation Dividend ETF (MINN CN) invests in dividend-paying stocks of companies worldwide that derive significant revenue from technological innovations such as blockchain, genomics, artificial intelligence, big data, e-commerce, cybersecurity, the internet of things, and autonomous vehicles.

The ETF comes with a management fee of 0.90%.

The Middlefield Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend ETF (MINF CN), meanwhile, targets firms globally that derive significant revenue from physical infrastructure assets and related industries such as utilities, water, smart grids, energy transmission and storage, renewable power generation, communications towers, data centers, and clean technologies. Eligible companies must satisfy Middlefield’s proprietary screening based on ESG factors.

The ETF’s management fee is 1.25%.

Finally, the Middlefield Sustainable Global Dividend ETF (MDIV CN) provides global income-focused equity exposure that is diversified across countries and sectors. Middlefield also applies its proprietary ESG screening process to remove firms with undesirable sustainability profiles.

The ETF’s management fee is 0.85%.

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Day-to-day management of the three ETFs is undertaken by Robert F. Lauzon, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer; Dean Orrico, President and Chief Executive Officer; and Shane Obata, Executive Director and Portfolio Manager.

The ETFs complement Middlefield’s existing dividend-focused ETFs including funds targeting US equities, health care equities, and real estate stocks.

Each ETF in the suite makes distributions to investors on a monthly basis.

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