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Let’s Architect! Governance best practices

Governance plays a crucial role in AWS environments, as it ensures compliance, security, and operational efficiency.

In this Let’s Architect!, we aim to provide valuable insights and best practices on how to configure governance appropriately within a company’s AWS infrastructure. By implementing these best practices, you can establish robust controls, enhance security, and maintain compliance, enabling your organization to fully leverage the power of AWS services while mitigating risks and maximizing operational efficiency.

If you are hungry for more information on governance, check out the Architecture Center’s management and governance page, where you can find a collection of AWS solutions, blueprints, and best practices on this topic.

How Global Payments scales on AWS with governance and controls

As global financial and regulated industry organizations increasingly turn to AWS for scaling their operations, they face the critical challenge of balancing growth with stringent governance and control regulatory requirements.

During this re:Invent 2022 session, Global Payments sheds light on how they leverage AWS cloud operations services to address this challenge head-on. By utilizing AWS Service Catalog, they streamline the deployment of pre-approved, compliant resources and services across their AWS accounts. This not only expedites the provisioning process but also ensures that all resources meet the required regulatory standards.

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The combination of AWS Service Catalog and AWS Organizations empowers Global Payments to establish robust governance and control mechanisms

Governance and security with infrastructure as code

Maintaining security and compliance throughout the entire deployment process is critical.

In this video, you will discover how cfn-guard can be utilized to validate your deployment pipelines built using AWS CloudFormation. By defining and applying custom rules, cfn-guard empowers you to enforce security policies, prevent misconfigurations, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Moreover, by leveraging cdk-nag, you can catch potential security vulnerabilities and compliance risks early in the development process.

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Learn how to use AWS CloudFormation and the AWS Cloud Development Kit to deploy cloud applications in regulated environments while enforcing security controls

Get more out of service control policies in a multi-account environment

AWS customers often utilize AWS Organizations to effectively manage multiple AWS accounts. There are numerous advantages to employing this approach within an organization, including grouping workloads with shared business objectives, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, and establishing robust isolation barriers based on ownership. Customers commonly utilize separate accounts for development, testing, and production purposes. However, as the number of these accounts grows, the need arises for a centralized approach to establish control mechanisms and guidelines.

In this AWS Security Blog post, we will guide you through various techniques that can enhance the utilization of AWS Organizations’ service control policies (SCPs) in a multi-account environment.

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A sample organization showing the maximum number of SCPs applicable at each level (root, OU, account)

Centralized Logging on AWS

Having a single pane of glass where all Amazon CloudWatch Logs are displayed is crucial for effectively monitoring and understanding the overall performance and health of a system or application.

Amazon Most Wished For

The AWS Centralized Logging solution facilitates the aggregation, examination, and visualization of CloudWatch Logs through a unified dashboard.

This solution streamlines the consolidation, administration, and analysis of log files originating from diverse sources, including access audit logs, configuration change records, and billing events. Furthermore, it enables the collection of CloudWatch Logs from numerous AWS accounts and Regions.

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The Centralized Logging on AWS solution contains the following components log ingestion, indexing, and visualization

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To find all the blogs from this series, you can check the Let’s Architect! list of content on the AWS Architecture Blog.

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